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Inventory Management Mobile Application

Oracle, Hospitality Food and Beverage GBU | 2018

The Challenge

Redesign an application for restaurant workers to quickly take inventory on proprietary mobile devices.

My Role

UX Designer responsible for making the case for redesign through mockups and interactive prototypes.

Please note that the visual design of the system was dictated by the design patterns already established within the GBU and does not represent my design aesthetics.

Restaurant Inventory Mobile App

About the Project

I joined a global development team when this project was nearing its conclusion. The original design followed the established design patterns slavishly without considering the context of the proprietary hardware's screen resolution or the users' environment. The end result was a design that was too small to use quickly, especially for those in a restaurant environment. Through the use of the proprietary hardware and my own mockups, I was able to make the case to allow the time to redesign the application to better suit the user's needs before release. Instead of just scaling up the design, which would not have improved the usability of the software, I was able to redesign the application to allow for larger touch targets and larger fonts resulting in an interface that met the user's needs. After the redesign, I continued to work closely with the development team through product release to ensure the delivery of a useful, usable, and enjoyable user experience.

Improved Touch Targets

Mobile Solutions Inventory Comparison
Mobile Solutions Inventory Comparison

More Readable Number Pad

Mobile Solutions Keypad Comparison
Mobile Solutions Keypad Comparison

Deliverables Produced | Wireframes, Mockups, Interactive Prototypes