New B2B Web App

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ReturnPath Email Deliverability | 2012

The Challenge

Create a web application that our data partners would find valuable enough to grant us additional access to their data.

My Role

Sole UX Designer partnered with a product strategist and a developer to identify the right product for our strategic partners.

Deliverables Produced | Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes, Test Script, Usability Tests

B2B Dashboard

About the Project

Partnered with product strategist during the ideation phase of a new B2B SaaS product to produce wireframes followed by visual comps based on several rounds of user interviews. Collaborated with a software engineer to create an interactive prototype with realistic data in order to conduct usability tests. Worked with business development to recruit participants, wrote the test script, and conducted usability tests at an industry conference. Analyzed results and made recommendations to begin beta development of the product with an expanded team.

The product went live in 2012 and had 10 charter customers within 9 months.

B2B Dashboard