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Contract Template Builder Web App

Conga B2B Digital Documents Transformation | 2020

The Challenge

Redesign a broken, highly complex business configuration process into a delightful, usable experience based on an ambiguous customer request.

My Role

Lead UX Designer collaborating with another UX Designer, senior leadership, and product management.

Contract Template Manager Prototype

About the Project

One of our largest customers requested that we simplify the creation of business contract templates within our contract management system. Our CTO asked that we create a new experience to address their concerns, but to ignore the development effort that would be needed to make it a reality.

Gathering Context

We worked with our CTO to understand the business needs and technical constraints in whiteboarding sessions. We then pulled together a group of Subject Matter Experts from across the organization to demo the current experience, however, it was so broken that they were unable to complete the process. Resorting to interviews and working with each SME directly, I documented the current process to best understand how to improve it. Sales blocked us from speaking directly with the customer, so we extracted the user’s biggest pain points and their ultimate goals by using the sales rep and our CTO as proxies.

Simplifying the complex
Simplifying the complex

Design Process

Based on that context I began to map a new, simplified process on the whiteboard and converted that into a user flow that could be shared electronically with others in the organization. Working inside our current environment, Salesforce, I began to mock up a simplified experience for contract template creation. By incorporating one of our new products, I identified a way to significantly streamline the template creation process while simultaneously increasing the value of our new Contract AI product. With frequent feedback from the CTO and the SMEs, we began to build out a highly interactive prototype that we could both test with users and demo to the customer during calls.

Usability Testing

Since our Solutions Engineers were doing a large part of the complex template creation work for our customers, we tested the prototype with them to ensure we were creating a highly usable experience. After one round of testing, our testers were delighted by the simpler process and they especially loved the value that AI brought to the solution. We synthesized our findings and presented them to stakeholders. We were allowed to do another design iteration based on our findings and run a second round of tests.

Usability Test Plans and Script
Usability Test Results Presentation


While our testers were still thrilled with the new experience, a staffing change at the customer invalidated the need for this new experience. Since the technical effort to enact this new experience was too high without an invested customer, the CTO decided to shelve the project.

Deliverables Produced | Workflows, Wireframes, Mockups, Interactive Prototypes, Usability Test Scripts, Moderated Usability Tests