Web Application Design

Portfolio Example

Virtual Health Network Web Application

Commerce Kitchen Development Agency | 2017

The Challenge

Connect patients in rural areas with doctors in urban areas by creating a web application that manages the scheduling and availability of telemedicine hardware and healthcare providers.

My Role

Sole Product Designer responsible for user research, requirements gathering, information architecture, wiremocks, interactive prototypes, and visual design.

Deliverables Produced | Wiremocks, Interactive Prototypes

Virtual Health Network

About the Project

As a thought leader in his organization, this client came to us to help him pitch a telemedicine platform that would connect rural patients with urban doctors within his organization. In collaboration with our product manager, we worked to extract his innovative ideas into actionable user needs. Through iterations of workflow exploration, client interviews, whiteboarding, and ultimately wireframes, we were able to turn his ambiguous ideas into a valuable solution for his business and its customers.


Virtual Health Network PCP Landing Page
Virtual Health Network Patient Appointment
Virtual Health Network Admin Facility Creation
Virtual Health Network Admin Facility Creation